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12 Reasons to Buy BTC!

1. Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last decade. How could you not own the best performing asset of the last decade? Not even .1%, seriously? 2. Bitcoin thrives on uncertainty/chaos. We’re halfway through 2020 and it feels like a decade has gone by. Bitcoin was born for this. 3. Bitcoin is revolutionary technology that's changing the world as you read this. Consider a small Bitcoin investment as “your fee to learn about the future.” 4. “Bitcoin is an unstoppable force” -- US Congressman, Patrick McHenry. The Congressman is right. 5. The world is waking up to Bitcoin. "Smart Money" investors already own Bitcoin. 6. Bitcoin is the most fair money. Bitcoin enables equality of opportunity. (equality of outcome is not possible nor desirable) Everyone can participate in the same monetary system. Let's end government money discriminating against the poor, minorities, elderly, and helpless. 7. Buy Bitcoin to support free speech. Free speech underpins a free and open society. Bitcoin is money, and money is speech. Don’t like watching governments and central banks bailing out their buddies while mainstreet suffers? 8. Scarcity matters. We’ve never had a truly scarce monetary good. To put it in perspective, there are twice as many millionaires (46m) as there are bitcoins (21m). Might be smart to get some before everyone catches on. 9. The Roman Empire fell Just like the roman empire, the US Dollar Hegemony won’t last forever. The “monetary base” changes periodically. Bitcoin has a real chance of being the next monetary base. Pound Sterling --> US Dollar --> ?? 10. The Money Printer is stuck on "Brrrrrr" Fed Chairman Powell: "the fed is not thinking about raising interest rates." How long before the Fed buys fine art? Unlimited dollars chasing a finite 21m Bitcoins 11. Bitcoin mimics an evolutionary strategy that's been working for over 1 billion years (decentralized network intelligence). Commonly observed in mycelium, neurons, the internet, and now Bitcoin....
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