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11 Tips to Improve Your Crypto Currency Security

11 Tips to Improve Your Crypto Currency Security

One of the biggest problems in the crypto currency space is similar to those faced by online banking when it first entered the mainstream (and still faces today), and that is how to preserve one’s online security to avoid being scammed, phished, or straight-up having money stolen from rogue actors online. Some of the big hacks in the past several months in the crypto space had at least some small part in end-user bad-security practices helping to compromise others in the respective communities. No matter if you are a newbie to crypto, or you’ve been in the game since it cost more than a few Bitcoin to buy a pizza, its always a good idea to check out the latest tips and best practices to keep one’s hard-earned crypto #SAFU!

11 Tips to Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Tip #1 — Use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

This is a no-brainer. Preferably the Google 2FA app if the exchange or site you are using with a password gives it as an option. SMS 2FA does not equal the same security posture that you will see with Google due to the attack vectors that the bad guys will use to try and take over your accounts (SIM swapping on mobile phones for example). The son of Google 2FA will be Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), so it pays to pay attention to new developments in this space to keep your hard-earned crypto safe!

Tip #2 — Always use a Strong Password for Your Crypto Accounts

Passwords are like underwear. You should change them often. When you choose a new password, if the exchange you are using (or your stand-alone crypto wallet) doesn’t enforce good standards, you should use one that is at least eight characters in length and includes a minimum of one number, one special characters, one upper and one lower case letter. Hackers have a number of ways that they can obtain your password, so you will need to make sure that you change it on a recurring basis. Also, to avoid frustration, make sure you know the ...

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