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100% of my money is in Bitcoins, and I need your help

I recently sold my remaining stocks (mostly tech like NVDA, irony!) because I think the market is overpriced and ripe for a crash. The problem is, I put 100% of my money in bitcoins. If bitcoin crashes, I'll be in serious, SERIOUS trouble. Maybe even homeless. The thing is, I don't want to sell bitcoins because I KNOW they will be going higher. I should really sell 2-3 so I have a little cushion but I don't want to. I wanna keep my bitcoins >.< ​ I do have a jobs but income is sporadic and if I lose money on bitcoins I will basically lose everything I have, and will have to start from scratch. No retirement plan, no savings (other than BTC), etc Thoughts?
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Why Bitcoin is NOT a Ponzi in 6 Tweets

1/ It's intuitive for smart people to see Bitcoin as a ponzi/bubble at first.Why?Because MONETARY VALUE is DEPENDENT on OTHER HUMANS. If you are trapped on a island alone, monetary goods (dollars, gol...