1 million $ Bitcoin is written in stone


How are yall not seeing the pattern? I mean come on, yall be celebrating every time the price jumps 10%, I mean come on.

Its been 1 decade so far and the price has jumped from 2$ to 60k thats.. im not good with math but its sure as hell more than 10% I mean come on.

That means the next decade the price is gonna jump from 60k to 1.8 billion dollars. I don't about you, but i've already taken a 3 million dollar loan from the bank to get a new Bugatti.

In all seriousness, its really not a far fetched idea, that the price of bitcoin will continuously rise due to the simple fact, that it’s scarce and constantly becomes easier to acquire. Up, down, sideways doesn’t matter, get it now before its 2033 in a couple of days. I mean come on.