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HitBTC: A KYC Warning to BTCP holders

This is the main exchange I trade BTCP at. I got hit with KYC after depositing in around 5000 BTCP to sell in this exchange. Now they want me to trace the origin of the BTCP deposits. I sent them over 30 emails and 100+ pictures, but was not able to satisfy their requirement. it is bad enough that they invade my privacy by forcing me to divulge name and send them my picture. But they also expect to me to show the flow of BTCP, a privacy coin. They know full well this is not possible. In fact, I have seen several similar story with XMR. It seem that they target KYC on user that deposit privacy coin because they know that by the nature of such coin, it is much harder to establish a full history. I am sure it is fine if you want to trade a couple BTCP there. But for anyone with a large stash, I would definitely avoid HitBTC.
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