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General Daily Discussion-5/12/2018

**Welcome to our Daily Discussion** Here you are free to discuss questions, have open debates, and talk about current events. **Some of today's suggested topics based on current events:** [Web Merchant Solution Beta]( [Moving Towards ASIC Resistance]( [HitBTC Listing - Team Interview]( [Community Update #7 - Consensus based governance]( [Reddit AMA]( [2018 Roadmap]( [Community Update #6-BTCP Rebase]( Trezor Ledger **Rules for Discussion:** No Trolling or FUD'ing, and please be respectful to others(No Personal Attacks). **For support issues:** It's highly recommended for people to check out for very up-to-date guides. *Links to Bitcoin Private's Telegram and Discord community can be found on the right side bar.*
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