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Bitcoin Private is LEGIT!

I have to admit, I was very skeptical of Bitcoin Private in the early going. However, after some research and evaluation of the professionalism of the dev team and the awesome community support, I'm convinced this coin is legit and will succeed. I've invested in quite a few unprofessional crypto ventures in the past, which a recurring theme for most was getting support for a hardware wallet (ledger and trezor). Using the instructions for the Electrum wallet with the Ledger Nano hardware wallet, I had no problems whatsoever setting up my ledger for BTCP. There are many privacy coins and future Ethereum killers that have been out for years and still have not figured out how to get HW support. I'm talking about top twenty ranked coins. For a privacy coin, which security and privacy is the ultimate end goal, not having HW wallet support, or it not being a high priority, is embarrassing in my humble opinion. BTCP did it within months! The updates to the community are professional and very well written in comparison to a lot of other so called legitimate cryptos. The dev team seems to be making good progress on short term goals and seem to be committed to EXPANDING on the innovations of BTC and ZClassic. It dipped when I bought in, but I'm convinced this coin is going to do good things in the future. There's another Anonymous coin speaking on capitalizing on BTCPs early mistakes, but if the BTCP devs and community keep up this current momentum, the Anonymous alternative(s) will be left playing a game of perpetual catchup. Good job guys, including the community!
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