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Why you should run Bitcoin node

If you are new to Bitcoin and the notion of cryptocurrency and blockchain, you might wonder what is a Bitcoin node, and what it’s used for. This article will explain to you the essentials of bitcoin node, and answer your questions concerning the technology.

So, what is a Bitcoin node?

The Bitcoin network is a set of computers around the world that use the Bitcoin Core software, and it checks transactions and blocks. The distribution of these “nodes” (a term for a computer connected to the network), and the fact that anyone can raise one of them, making Bitcoin “decentralized”. This means that any user can configure the site if he has access to a PC having the necessary power and connection to the Net. And even if one node is up and running, the Bitcoin network lives on.

Node (from Latin ‘Nodus’) is any computer connected to the blockchain network. The nodes of the decentralized network are contacted via P2P protocols for exchanging information about blocks and transactions. The node, depending on its type, stores only part or all of the blockchain data.

Here’s the Bitcoin node map that shows the number of nodes currently connected to the Bitcoin network:


Most full Bitcoin nodes also act as a client, which allows you to send transactions to the network. This means that the node acts as your personal interface for communication with the Bitcoin network. Running a node ensures that your transactions are verified and sent to the person you are conducting the transaction with. This makes it possible to send money around the world without censorship (personal gain) and contributes to the security and strength of the network itself (public gain).

Running a full node is different from mining bitcoin, which includes launching special software and requires a lot of resources. And while most of the mining is carried out by large companies with data centers and global farms, the launch of full nodes is...

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