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what's sits crypto bring us? what's the biggest impact going to be?

There are so many aspects to Crypto. The technical aspect has enjoyed the spotlight for some time as the western world plays with all kinds of new toys (coins that have new capabilities).The political world is $h177ng itself for good reason, and the economists are trying to rewrite textbooks in time to keep up, but none of these aspects are going to have the biggest impact. This is a social change which has not yet begun. When we give the unbanked (and sometimes tribal/oppressed) better money than the world has ever seen... It will make the GFR look like a speed bump... Don't allow yourself to be overly excited about the next Crypto kitties. We're building better money. Money is a MoX, SoV, and UoA. If it's not an amazing MoX... It's a really well crafted golf club... overly priced and only going to help fat white men to go in circles...does the club have value? Well look at the price tag they'll say... (Medium of exchange, store of value and unit of account).
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