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What Gives Value To A Cryptocurrency (Or Anything Really)?

In order for a thing to be valuable, there must be something to give it value in the first place. That value can be in the form of being extremely useful, solve someone’s problem, convenience, help you save time, etc. There has to be some value proposition for a cryptocurrency (or a product/service) for them to have value. Now, supporters of Bitcoin argue that what makes Bitcoin valuable is because the price goes up (but strangely, they don’t talk about the price when it drops over 80% from $20k to $3k). If you don’t buy Bitcoin, then they like to insult you with “have fun staying poor”. Do you know where “price goes up” was often used as the **main selling point** of something? Ponzi scams. Feel free to read about the modus operandi of ponzi scams. It is usually put in money now because price goes up and you can get back more money later. If someone use this as a “value proposition” to sell you something, don’t walk, run away as fast as you can. Let me be very clear. **”Have fun staying poor” and insulting others is not a value proposition for your cryptocurrency.** **Censorships is not a value proposition for your cryptocurrency** - **Propaganda is not a value proposition for your cryptocurrency** - and **Threats and harassments are not value propositions for your cryptocurrency** - **DDOS attacks is not a value proposition for your cryptocurrency** - **Doing a bunch of unethical stuff is not a value proposition for your cryptocu...
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All You Need to Know About $HFi Private Sale

This is a great opportunity for investors looking for a project with an MVP and a well customized smart contract. We would like to thank our team, whose immense efforts have paid off and lead to this…
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BCHN gets another 1000 BCH donation!

On January 22nd we received another anonymous contribution of 1000 BCH to our project wallet. Thank you for the generosity, and we will put it to good use improving BCH as always.— Bitcoin Cash Node (...
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Just created an art (word-made) of loving 💚 BitcoinCash!Hope you all will like this!Also,if you like, you can feel free to send me some 💚💚BCH💚💚!You are welcomed!:-)bitcoincash:qqt569pgxwj8rvzhj7t...
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Adoption, Merchants and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) still have a long way to go, it's practically new in the market but with large potential upfront, it's the widely and most popular known of the Bitcoin (BTC) forks on the market...
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A Simple Wish of a Grade 4 Student

Great day to all,its my 1st time here at and i just joined last January 23,2021,at 1st i was really looking for online which where i could earn because honestly we are living in a...