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What are the current fees with Bitcoin cash ? What short comings do you acknowledge when Bitcoin argues against you ?

I am a believer in Bitcoin , but considering the network fees how can this help people specifically in developing countries when trading goods ? A decentralised store of value is priceless, however it’s not just about storing value is it , it’s also about the ability to perform trades for real world goods allowing the vendor to operate . I never thought I’d say this , but I think there is a crucial place for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash . For the record I don’t hold any currently . Or as I’m thinking both sides of the same coin . Edit Why is this post being down voted am I missing something?
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Bitcoin Cash, the real deal

Bitcoin Cash is what everyone is looking in a cryptocurrency, is fast, accessible, and with strong potential to become one of the biggest currencies in the internet. People who enter to crypto space.....
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Fund BCH/SLP DEX On Electron Cash Wallet on Flipstarter

I'm a big fan of SLP project, who can resist the easiness and low fees of minting/spending/moving of SLP token. However there was a catch, very few options to exchange it. No want to create the most a...