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Web of Trust Tool - Quick Guide

I just used this onchain tool (Web of Trust) to help separate the reputable users from the trolls. For newbies, it may be confusing where to start so here are the steps to using it. This tool allows you to rate each other onchain, and from there, gradually build up a reputation system for users. I think long term wise, this tool could be very useful to identify the reputable users from the trolls. Login through You will need your WIP key which you can grab from your account. > "Export Your Key" > Copy the key from "WIF Compressed (base58)" to Having said that, please leave me a rating even if you hate me, feel free to give me 1 star, lol. My url is You can rate other users at (I suspect there's some problem because my ratings wasn't recorded, maybe due to the 25 limit ) Please note that you will need some Bitcoin Cash in your account in order to do the rating since these are done onchain and therefore has a small transaction fee. I believe the full credits goes to /u/freetrade for building this tool.
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