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We just launched and need feedback from crypto-community! The platform for cryptocurrency focused on decentralized empowerment and socially conscious growth! Right now cryptocurrency over the counter OTC is available only to high net worth individuals with some having minimum transaction requirements as high as $250,000 per trade. Such organizations are behind the social curve, they are not diverse and are not inclusive of everyone in the global crypto community. Our vision at EOG is for everyone to trade crypto decentralized peer to peer, and we need feedback from the community to improve our platform! At [Executive OTC Group]( (EOG) our peer to peer OTC platform for cryptocurrency is open to everyone, no minimums, no upper limits. Our MVP currently supports Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, as well as ERC20 crypto, coins, and tokens built on Ethereum blockchain. We use Tether stablecoin as our primary settlement currency, we are adopting other stablecoin APIs, and are at the forefront of research into Open Bank API integration. Unlike mainstream Bitcoin Exchanges, at EOG we never hold your fiat money and we never hold your crypto. We use programmable smart contracts settlement, completely eliminating counterparty risk and reducing settlement times from 5 to 7 business days to just 3 to 5 minutes! Decentralized crypto trading is here, join our [LinkedIn group]( to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech. EOG mobile smartphone MVP is publicly available in sandbox environment with virtual trades at []( (*\*use your* *mobile smartphone* *and Google Chrome browser*). **We would like YOU to try out our platform**. **Complete one (1) virtual trade,** **and provide feedback to us on** [**LinkedIn**]( If you are trading or investing in cryptocurrency and you share our values of integrity, diversity, and fierce inclusion of everyone in the global crypto...
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