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Wallet pairing problems, need advise.

Hi everyone, I've got 0.2071BCH funds in Coinbase Commerce but because they are currently unable to withdraw, they use 3rd party, Jaxx, to pair their wallet with them using 12 word phrase. Trouble is that after pairing Coinbase Commerce wallet with Jaxx wallet, I see 0BCH showing in Jaxx wallet and 0.2071BCH (correct amount) in Coinbase Commerce. I further learned that Jaxx is currently having problems showing correct funds. I then tried to pair Coinbase Commerce wallet with "" and "bitcoin cash" wallets but I still see 0BCH in those wallets (same as with Jaxx, even though these other wallets don't seem to be having problems). I seem to be doing everything right: 1) choose "create new wallet" 2) enter 12 word passphrase but I just can't get 0.2071BCH from Coinbase Commerce show up in these other wallets after pairing :( What am I doing wrong? Could someone please advise a workaround to fixing this pairing problem issue? Thank you, Victor. ADDED: I'm working on making BCH as form of payment on our apps, using Coinbase Commerce platform.
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