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Travel Europe while only using Bitcoin cash, possible?

I’ve reached a point where I want to sell everything I have and leave the life I’ve created. I’m a single man (30M) with a house. My girlfriend is emotionally abusive. The event company I spent my life building was booming until covid. I do not want to rebuild it. I want to become a full time crypto researcher. I feel like the next thing for me is to set out into the world. So I thought to myself... how can I make this into something positive. I decided that if I go I want to travel only using crypto currency. I’ve got 15 BCH saved up and once I sell some more things I could have some more. What websites will show hostels that accept BCH? Restaurants? I don’t know where to begin to plan this trip and was wondering if you guys would help. I’m down to couch surf or anything. I want to vlog the trip and transactions on YouTube. Any advice or guidance would be amazing. I’m just at a crossroads in life right now.
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ASHWICKNFT Series is a collectible, digital trading game with outstanding features. Have a look into it and get your ASHWICK!
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