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There needs to be a better way to convert addresses between formats

I need to convert to and from legacy since Ledger and exchanges use different address formats. The first search result for converting the address is []( but that is down, and []( produces a blank page when I click on legacy address on three different browsers. Only the third site []( worked, but it's scary to use a site which might be a honeypot (edit: doesn't look to be the case, at least my transaction went through with address converted using better-converter). It's bad enough that there are two different incompatible address formats, which is yet another thing newcomers have to learn. I don't have a solution on how to make the conversion transparent to the user - I'm just an end-user - but this is just awful UX. I prefer BCH for many reasons and have since the fork, but this alone is enough for me to look for alternatives.
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