The BCH Latam Team approached MARACAIBO successfully!

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self.Bitcoincash1m ago
[MARACAIBO]( With various effective recruitment through talks, events and training, we managed to educate many people interested in knowing about Bitcoin Cash in this city. Maracaibo is characterized as one of the busiest cities in Venezuela for its commercial activity, thanks to the fact that it is located on the border between Venezuela and Colombia. We managed to carry out 4 effective events, where we were able to teach the fundamentals of BCH and the most important thing, which is how to adapt it to your daily life through the wallet. Not least, we give a training to future Bitcoin Agents who, thanks to the support of [Angel Hermoso]( and [Darwin Ramirez]( in their city, we know they will do excellent. Great work team during these 3 days in Zulia State, where the work of [Jaifred Pastran](, [Andrea Méndez]( [Rafael Mogollón]( also stands out. We hope that this work carried out will increase in the short term to continue massifying the use of Bitcoin Cash not only in Venezuela, but in more Latin American countries.