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Testnet Faucet Back Up - Donations Needed!

Hey dev community: the []( testnet faucet is back up and running: []( ​ Someone hacked the app over the last couple weeks with an automated script that spoofed IP addresses. I've added additional protection to prevent this from happening again. But the wallet was drained and has less than 100 tBCH in it. We really need testnet BCH donations. Please donate to the faucet address: **bchtest:qqmd9unmhkpx4pkmr6fkrr8rm6y77vckjvqe8aey35** ​ Please pass this around. I know there area few testnet 'whales' that hold a lot of testnet BCH. We could really use their help.
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Our Bitcoin Cash Journey

It's been almost for 8 days since we started this:. "Bitcoin Cash Project: Helping Our Town Learn and Adopt Bitcoin Cash" . and it gave us the opportunity to help people learn and adopt Bitcoin C...