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SWC to host BCH Poker Championships

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SwC to host 2021 BCH Poker Championship

SwC (review) was one of the first bitcoin poker sites and has gone on to become one of the best. Until the start of this tournament, SwC only accepted bitcoin, but after some persuasion from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) OG Roger Ver, they will now be accepting BCH.

The 2021 BCH poker championship will take place between 28 May 2021 and 6 June 2021, featuring 31 events. There is a total of more than 20 BCH up for grabs spread out over the various events, with a 5 BCH guaranteed first place prize on the main event – a 50k uBCH buy-in no limit Texas hold’em tournament.

Events start every day at 12:00 with more events starting at 20:00 and 00:00 to cater for people all around the world. Buy-ins will depend on the event, but they will range from 5k to 100k uBCH.

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Nobody likes a losing bet, and nobody knows this better than Eddie from Stake (review). So, to make your weekend more exciting, Eddie is giving you a risk-free bet. Simply back his pick as a pre-match single and if it loses, you’ll get a cash refund.

Minimum bet is $5 and the maximum refund is $50. To be able to take part in this promotion you need to have wagered $1,000 in the previous week or won a ticket through the weekly Stake 100k giveaway. The weekend’s risk-free bets go live every Friday morning CET.

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