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BCH +1.71% · · 4h

"Meanwhile, Joe`s problem is the present. While he is successful with investing into and holding BCH - so his Bitcoin Cash holdings worth is constantly growing - every time he wants to use his funds to buy something like a new laptop or a pair of sneakers, he needs to:"

Yes, I am serious. No complex software development required. No investments needed. Very fast implementation possible. Bonus: the BCH price will increase too. Meet Joe . Joe is a devoted user of Bit.....
BCH +1.71% · · 8h

The Bitcoin Cash Revolution Begins

As of March 2021 Bitcoin cash (BCH) has taken a dramatic leap almost surpassing and rivalling that of Bitcoin itself in worldwide transactions and for good reason, it is doing exactly what Satoshi Na....
BCH +1.71% · · 13h

No, I will not stop telling people "BCH is Bitcoin."

And why not!? The answer is quite simple. BTC might have more cumulative proof of work, but BTC is not a valid Bitcoin chain . Bitcoin has always had consensus rules which must be valid in order...