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So I created a token with the name noise cash now I am a scammer.

I don't know what to tell you, maybe goodbye. []( It was nice writing for noise. cash and, and I surely enjoy it, and I will not lie to you creating the token noise cash early adopters have open my eyes to truly sad reality, and for me, it is a truly sad reality, and the problem is that once you learn something it can't be unlearned, so you have no way but to live with that and move on. As you may know already both my read cash and noise cash accounts have been flagged as a scam and it is a warning and the reason is very simple it is because I was promoting noise cash early adopters a token that is not officially from any of both websites. And the read cash administrator is right I could be in a lot of trouble for copying their name because I am an individual and I can be served an as such taken to court and I will be having issues also with the FCC and SEC, and who knows what other governments branches. But the first reason why my token was a clear scam is that I was trying to use noise cash name with two more words and read cash administration just reach to me to Reddit saying in a case court I could lose very easily, and he is right I could because I live in the real world. But the sad part is not that I could be in trouble the sad part is that Bitcoin Cash is doing the same that I was trying to do, which is to take Bitcoin's name. That is the sad truth that I can think of because, in reality, I hate the fact that with Bitcoin you must pay higher fees and that eventually, poor people won't be able to afford the fees, and yet we have a Bitcoin that works like Bitcoin is supposed to work but yet it is also a scam because a very simple fact it shares its name. I am not attacking Bitcoin Cash, it just that I come to realize that what I was doing using the name noise cash is exactly the s...
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