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Selling Pre-Paid Visa & Mastercard Cards @ 55%

The rate is 55% therefore a $100 card would cost you $55. The only form of payment accepted is BTC. The cards work for every site that accepts Visa & MasterCard including PayPal, Amazon, Stock X and countless more. Our channel telegram channel is and my personal is @prepaidplug (this is our only form of communication) There you will find live stock updates as well as link to our vouches and lounge chat.
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Sorry for the Delay, Some Updates BCH Brazil

Hello everyone, some of you have been in touch with and asked about my plans after flipstarter campaign for To spread Awareness in Brazil, well, let me explain a little more. The main thing of the fl....
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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin Cash Mining

In case you're a firm believer to Bitcoin Cash, there is a path for you to help the network and earn some BCH simultaneously that is through— Mining . Basically, it's a cycle of dolving complex nu...
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What is Bitcoin Cash?

A teaser from the forthcoming Road to Mass Adoption mini-documentary