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Safest way to split BCH?

My knowledge on the subject is very basic so I need advice on the best & safest method to split BCH currently stored on a Nano Ledger. Background: \- Got the coins in early 2017 \- Last used the Ledger around Feb 2018 \- A couple of weeks ago I tried using the Ledger but forgot the PIN so it locked. Fortunately I had saved the seed words so I reset the Ledger and used the seed and it brought the wallet back. \- In Ledger Live, the word "UNSPLIT" appears next to my Bitcoin Cash account. \- Curiously, I noticed there are 3 Received transactions dated Sep 2, 2020, Nov 17, 2020 and Feb 22, 2021 all showing I received 0.00000547 BCH. I have not given out my BCH address to anyone so where could these tiny deposits have come from? \- I read somewhere that unsplit BCH should not be mixed with other BCH otherwise the splitting may not work (?). Could these 3 tiny deposits have "ruined" my ability to split BCH/BSV? How can I make sure? \- I also read that sending BCH to Kraken automatically split BCH / BSV but Kraken delisted BSV so this technique does not work anymore. Should I send my BCH to another wallet or Exchange and split there and then send the BCH and BSV back to my Ledger? What is the safest way to split my BCH and get BSV without any risk of loosing my coins? Thank you!
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