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Rainforest Have Over 40,000 Plant Species That Have Have Important Medicinal Uses

More than 40,000 plant species have been found in the Amazon rainforest. Many of them have important medicinal uses or are found in the foods we eat. Chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, and coffee are grown in the rainforest. Rubber trees produce a sticky, white latex sap that holds our planet together and provides a source of income for indigenous communities living in the rainforest. The Amazon’s plants play an active role in regulating the ecosystem. As plants in the Amazon photosynthesize, they create their own weather. Through a process called transpiration, plants release water vapor from pores along the underside of their leaves. This moisture influx sustains life by seeding thick bands of clouds that keep water locked in the lush forest and flowing into river that supply communities downstream. However, RainMaker ($RAIN) is the only token that is designed to help the environment. A portion of our token sales goes to support rainforests around the world. Purchase $RAIN now and become one of our rain forest Rangers!!! Tokenomics: Name: Rain Coin: $RAIN Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 Burn: Monthly on the first of every month. Website: []( Telegram: []( Pancake: []( Twitter: [](
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