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What a wave of the Crypto community, I am a new follower of cryptocurrencies since 3 years ago, seeing BTC grow and alongside them all their de-centralized brothers, I believe that education and experience are very important in this new de-centralized world where our opinions are heard although sharing information among the community would be an act of humanity that could make the community grow more and more, as I said I am new I would love to know more information about any Cryptocurrency since I am going to invest long term in my fury and above all help who are going to start. GREETINGS COMMUNITY
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The Bitcoin Cash Revolution Begins

As of March 2021 Bitcoin cash (BCH) has taken a dramatic leap almost surpassing and rivalling that of Bitcoin itself in worldwide transactions and for good reason, it is doing exactly what Satoshi Na....
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No, I will not stop telling people "BCH is Bitcoin."

And why not!? The answer is quite simple. BTC might have more cumulative proof of work, but BTC is not a valid Bitcoin chain . Bitcoin has always had consensus rules which must be valid in order...
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BCH as my favorite crypto.

Greetings readers. I trust we are doing good. I heard somewhere that, Image source And I am glad to be surrounded by the world's best community the BCH community. Previously I was scrolling Tw...
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Why Bitcoin Cash?

I remember back a few years when I first read about Bitcoin on a post thinking this could really be very useful. Living outside first-world countries means that access to payment rails is...