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One of my most disappointing week in Bitcoin Cash

The other day, I have this question. Are the things people said about Amaury true? Are the things people said about and Roger Ver true? And the only way for me to know is don't trust, verify. And that was what I did. And along the way, I hope ABC and could show a united front, because that would be an amazing instil of confidence on Bitcoin Cash to the outside investors. I personally know some whales who left Bitcoin Cash because of these uncertainties, in case anyone is wondering why Bitcoin Cash is only at 3% of BTC. It is nobody else fault but our own. We have a choice. We can fix the problem proactively so that BCH overtakes BTC, or we can ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own. Now, I do have some positives to share at the end of this post. During my own research and interactions between many different parties, in a quest to answer my question. I realize that I never have a problem with Amaury, not even once. Any interactions had always been positive, open, honest, and most importantly, on the basis of reason and logic. Plus he had a really good track record of decision making so if someone has such a track record, it usually makes sense to listen from their point of view. I feel with the right data and information in front of him, Amaury strikes me as a person who is willing to change his mind when he sees that. Gradually, I can only say I have plenty of respect for this guy. My interactions with Roger, on the other hand, had been underwhelming. I don't sense open honest communication. It was a complete disappointment. I am a person of reciprocity. If the other person is good to me, then obviously I am good in return. If I sense there was no open honest communication on the other side, then it would be difficult for me to do the same. Now if the other person talks to me as if I am an idiot... obviously that is not good. So it turns out that when people said Roger doesn't listen, it is true, even with facts in front of him...
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