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New Bitcoin Cash Specs Propose Heightened Privacy and Double-Spend Proofs

New Bitcoin Cash Specs Propose Heightened Privacy and Double-Spend Proofs

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development continues as software engineers have revealed two distinct concepts that aim to boost the BCH network. Bitcoin Cash developer Tom Zander has announced new documentation concerning the vision of double-spend proofs, which now exists as a pull request to the alternative BCH implementation Flowee the Hub. Additionally, Electron Cash developer Jonald Fyookball has reported on the expanded specifications for the Cashshuffle method Cashfusion, a scheme that adds higher levels of privacy to unlinkable coins.

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Cashfusion Specifications Enhanced

Developers put a lot of time and effort into creating applications and platforms that make bitcoin cash easier to use, more secure, and sometimes more private. On Monday, Electron Cash and Cashshuffle developer Jonald Fyookball informed the BCH community that “Cashfusion got a whole lot better.” Cashfusion is an extension of Cashshuffle, the BCH shuffling application that doesn’t require a trusted third party. The application offers a superior anonymity set by obfuscating the relationship between the owner’s old and new BCH addresses within the shuffling process. To many BCH proponents, Cashshuffle is very good but the spectrum of privacy can be improved. For instance, if a user has mixed a bunch of coins and they eventually consolidate them into one address it can still leave behind some clues for blockchain analysis.

“We need a method to coordinate Coinjoin transactions with multiple inputs per user,” explains the Cashfusion specifications. “This is inherently challenging because we want to hide input linkages while simultaneously attempting to blame/ban users who don’t sign all their inputs.” However, Cashfusion proposes a blind verification s...

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