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Need help setting up a rig to receive and send data to the blockchain anonymously

I'm currently attempting to set up a rig that would allow me to send and receive data from the Ethereum blockchain while also ensuring a high level of anonymization for my packets. I'm trying to enable safer monitoring for myself and my partners. We're investing in a roster of DeFi projects. ​ We use several websites to get data about blockchain transactions. But we feel that we aren't sufficiently protected against potential doxing attacks. That's why we're trying to set up this rig that will include the following components: ​ 1. Stand-alone computer - used solely to connect to several sites/aggregation services from which the blockchain data is accessed. We don't plan to actually send out the data from this PC to our own PCs, but we plan to copy the data on the thumb drives and transfer them to a shared storage file weekly. Does this set-up sound sufficiently secure? ​ 2. Highly secure VPN service that successfully anonymizes our packets and prevents any snooping by either internal malicious actors or anybody between the two ends. I've gone through some VPN guides like [](, and I see that ExpressVNP is the most widely recommended "staple" VPN. I like the fact that so much traffic protrudes through the exits that it'll be hard to reverse-path our footprint, and the quality has been proven through the mass adoption of the service. What do you think about ExpressVNP? Do you have any alternatives on your mind? ​ Just in case, we aren't concerned with a snooper getting hold of the aggregated information about our use of the specific DeFi systems since we always use the conjoined facilities to "dumb-mix" the transactions before sending them to the actual end wallet. It's crypto-related trivia which is surely outside of the Labbity scope. I just wanted to clarify this to avoid making you wasting your time thinking about this possible threat. ​ I've been lurking Labbity for years, ...
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