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Minor Hacks McAfee Endorsed 'Unhackable' Hardware Wallet

Recently, BitFi, a hardware wallet endorsed by McAfee, found itself in a very ironic situation where a 15-year-old boy, Saleem Rashid, allegedly compromised its security system. BitFi is a well-known tech-centric software firm which is attributed by its characteristics of being unhackable.

Saleem Rashid did exchange a few boastful messages with ‘BitFi’ through the online social networking platform Twitter. It can be noted that the BitFi authorities had shown confidence on their technical security & had disregarded the mishap until the 15-year-old lad gave his final retort – “I’m not that sloppy in my work”, were his final yet the most striking words during the entire conversation.

that would make sense, apart from the fact that the rooted device syncs with the Dashboard. maybe you're mistakenly checking for a su binary, but i'm not that sloppy in my work. — Saleem Rashid (@spudowiar) August 2, 2018

As a matter of fact, BitFi & McAfee had made announcements about introducing a $100,100 token for successful hacks to their online platform. “For all you naysayers who claim that ‘nothing is unhackable’ & who don’t believe that my Bitfi wallet is truly the world’s first unhackable device, a $100,000 bounty goes to anyone who can hack it”, was announced by the authorities in July. This was further promoted by a tagline, “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”.

We are increasing the bounty for hacking the wallet to $250,000. The rules require you to empty the contents of a BitFi wallet that we have pre-loaded and have sent to you. You must pay for the wallet and its contents. Rules at — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 31, 2018

Saleem Rashid went further ahead by retweeting one of the comments made by the top researcher Alan Woodward on this particular issue – “You are not only wrong, you are dangerously wrong”, were his words.

Apart from criticising BitFi securities, Alan Woodwar...

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