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Market Survey: 41% of Americans Not Interested in Investing in Crypto

of willing investors lagging behind, and if necessary information is provided to make them understand the industry very well, then 20% will be motivated to invest.   

Millennials Prefer Crypto Over Real Estate

Inquisitively, a survey that was conducted by IW Capital revealed that 38% of UK's investors don't understand Cryptos very well and that 1/3 of the population strongly believe that the crypto market is in a bubble that can burst any time. Therefore, only 5% of those surveyed by IW Capital generated "financial gains" from their made cryptocurrency investments.   

Backing Micah's findings that reveal that younger audiences are highly interested in Cryptos, a June survey discovered 21% of U.K millennials would rather invest their money in Cryptos than real estate, an investment they regard as "high risk."   

These studies industriously come at a moment in which Bitcoin, the world's number one Crypto, is regaining from a months-long bearish trend and scope that saw its price decline from almost $20,000 all-time in mid-December last year, to around $6,370.

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