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Long term bitcoin trading worth it ?

Lets talk about trading first . Trading can be classified into three different types . 1.Trading Shares . 2.FOREX trading . 3.Bitcoin/Cryptocurency Trading . 1.Trading Shares :                             Shares are certificates of partner\-ship from companies . And share holders have access to the profits and earnings of that particular company . The percentage of shares a person's holding is the percentage of profit of his earnings . So trading with those shares is called Trading shares .  2.Forex :               Forex stands for foreign exchange trades currencies . These currencies are traded through banks . And are usually traded in pairs .  3.Bitcoin Trading :                              Bitcoin is a digital currency . Bitcoin trading is based on encryption used to regulated the available bitcoins and the very movement of the currency as spent , purchased and created . This trading is not controlled by any middle man ........[.read more](
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