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Launching beta soon! Looking for funding, beta testers and liquidity providers.

# Our small team is working on new service that is almost ready for our beta launch. We are releasing [](, a clone of []( but just for bitcoin cash. It is a dead simple, kyc-free conversion service between BCH and XMR with the added feature of being able to send BCH "through" XMR, BCH to XMR to BCH transfers. Of course the details are more technical and amounts are split up and spread over time but that is the basic idea. We started this many months ago but now that []( is down we may add BTC as well. Anyway, we are looking to do a flip starter and for funding sources for liquidity (I am funding building and hosting myself). The idea is that once the beta site launches we hope to do a flipstarter in order to increase the liquidity of the site. We will charge a 0.25% flat fee for conversions and split that 50/50 with our liquidity providers. I'd love to talk more to the community to see if you guys have any ideas about how to make this project a success or if anyone may have any interest in helping to fund us once we launch the beta site.
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