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Just exchanged 50% cold storage BTC to BCH

As the title states. Sent ALL my cold storage BTC out. First I actually wanted to send more BTC to the cold storage. But after nearly 1 hour trying to find out what appropriate fee to set, I decided to instead take some of the BTC away from my cold storage (Bitbox1). That however was an even bigger headache to accomplish. Didn't use it since 2017. So now all the BTC is sent to an online wallet, over 50% swapped directly to BCH. The rest will be swapped as soon as I see that BTC goes down the drain again. I expect this to happen soon. BCH is so much easier to send and its actually useful. No 25 dollar fee per TX. Now I needed to pay over 50 dollar just to make this happen. With BCH it would have been 0.02 dollar max. Probably more like 0.002 dollar. Byebye BTC, you won't be missed at all. Greets
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