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Introducing the BCH Roller Coaster Guy!

I thought the world needed one, so I made (an incomplete) one in 30 minutes. Here it is: []( TODO: 1. Bitstamp API doesn't seem to work 2. Find a current fee API and average TX fee API 3. Find an unconfirmed transactions API 4. Turn all the orange Bitcoin logos into green BCH logos (cue the flame war) 5. Change the angles; it used to be for the Blockstream Token and if BTC went up 1%, it would be 60 USD, but if BCH went up 1%, it would be 6 USD, so need to fix that Any other advice is welcome as well. Donations are greatly appreciated: **13N3ZgeptERmiyQSPupQcZjt63zLk8dyJN** for Blockstream Token (BTC) **qqv7kgrdu9rnd0cacemd2lfkxtzsaat62s83jnw3t9** for Bitcoin Cash I hope it's useful. Original: [\_the\_bch\_roller\_coaster\_guy/](
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