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Identity protocol: passwordless login using your phone or similar device

Identity Protocol (Login)

The identity protocol allows software to interface with a server, securely supplying information such as login credentials and identity information. This “crypto-identity software” could be embedded into bitcoin wallets or be a special purpose app.


Passwords are a pain and are insecure. If you use the internet, you have no doubt experienced the pain. And much has been written about how human-interaction problems create insecurities -- people choose short or simple passwords, repeat passwords across time and sites, write passwords down, etc. These problems are addressed by password manager programs, but these programs have their own problems -- passwords are either backed up on the "cloud" (less secure), or cannot be easily transferred between browsers and computers.

We all know that entering your password into an untrusted computer is dangerous, and that entering your password into a trusted computer on an untrusted or insecure web site is dangerous. But homograph attacks can make this very hard to see, and typosquatting can fool the unwary.

Unbelievably, even entering your password into a trusted computer on a trusted, secure web site is not entirely secure -- an IT professional working inside the organization could serve you a patched web site with a bit of javascript that sends him/her your password. Or a deep dependency could insert some malicious code that goes live when the engineers upgrade the site's software to the latest versions.

Fundamentally, the act of entering passwords into untrusted machines or software creates a large number of vulnerabilities.

Let's fix these problems.


This system is implemented in an crypto-identity app or sub-function of a Bitcoin Cash wallet, most commonly located on a phone or tablet (mobile device). The login function of the system works in 2 modes: using a passwordless public/private key login scheme, and as a traditiona...

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