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I am 26 years old, I am looking for a helping hand馃檹馃檹

Personal Facebook Profile - I will be brief. I live in Venezuela and the situation for me and my family is not good, I am looking for some kind of help, I just want to bring bread to my family. I met someone in Colombia who offered me his house to come and look for a job and at least help my family in Venezuela. I sincerely want to leave this country as soon as possible and I wanted to ask if you know of something I could do online, some job or some place where I can ask for some kind of help to get at least enough money to get a bus ticket to the border. Whatever I can do, I will do it, I'm pretty desperate and I want to get out of here, I don't want my family to continue living in the situation we are living in. Any online work, any advice you can give me, any help I will be very grateful. Sorry for this
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