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Here's Why Bitcoin Cash Is Much More Private Than Bitcoin

Do you want traders to know how much money you have in your wallet or all the addresses? As for most people, the answer is for sure no, which is the reason why we need CashShuffle to hide the source and flow of funds. However, in general, the degree of privacy protection expected by each user will be varied. Of course, the most important thing depends on people choose BCH or BTC.

Bitcoin cash (BCH) is better than BTC in terms of coin shuffle in that BCH transaction fees are almost free (average transaction costs are below $0.01 for a long time). The Bitcoin core expansion roadmap could deliberately lead on-chain transaction fees to exceed $30 again, similar to the situation in December 2017. The only reason for the low transaction fees of BTC is that the market of digital currency currently enjoys bearish BTC block is now gradually becoming congestion, and the fee has begun to rise.

According to some media outlets, foreign regulators are cracking down on money laundering. In the P2P exchange market, shuffled coin cannot be traded. 

For traders who want to maintain their privacy, the eligible solution is to send their existing shuffled coin six times (user will operate to send the shuffled digital currency to a new address, and this operation will be carried out six times). This seems to be a CashShuffle service carried out by the previous digital currency holders, which is the only means to legalize mixed shuffled coin. In this way, users can continue to protect their privacy and allow transactions with fiat currency on exchanges.

The problem is that if the on-chain transaction fee is very high, the cost of "legalization" will be very expensive accordingly. As a result, most BTC holders will not use CashShuffle at all due to the high cost. However, those who adopt the CashShuffle must bear the high transaction fee more than 6 times, and finally only a few people are willing to do it. However, the scale of coin shuffle is no...

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