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Governments Planning a Global Coordinated Attack on Cryptocurrencies from Next Month Onwards [Due Diligence]

#**The worlds’ wealthiest nations are aiming for cryptos, restricting, amongst others, the following:** >* Peer-to-Peer Transactions; >* Stablecoins; >* Private wallets (cold storage, phone and desktop apps); >* Privacy (privacy coins, mixers, Decentralized exchanges, use of TOR and I2P); >* Former ICOs and Future Projects (DeFi, NFT, smart contacts, second layer solutions, and much more).   #**In addition, these new regulations intend to:** >* Force those active in crypto to be licensed and regulated as banks (responsible for KYC and transaction tracking); >* Create full transparency for ALL transactions; >* Exclude and freeze assets of persons, activities, and countries labeled a “risk;” >* Force the inclusion of user information with all transactions; >* Revoke the license of those who don’t comply. In short: they want to change the way the space can operate. As you’ll discover, the regulation rolled out aim to create a system of complete transparency and control. At the same time, regulatory clarity could pave the way for the next stage of adoption.   #**What Can You Get from This Due Diligence** For years, we wondered if governments would “ban Bitcoin.” As it turns out, they will not. Instead, they intent to simply absorb cryptos into the existing regulated financial system. This due diligence is based on new international regulations. This DD reveals exactly what the coming regulations mean for cryptos, who is behind them, and how they will be implemented. Next, this DD highlights the most revealing and stunning clauses. And finally, it summarizes which activities are likely to thrive and which are bound to suffer and what you can do next to protect yourself.   #**Why Now?** In 2018, the news that Facebook was creating a crypto currency shocked international regulators. Until then, they didn’t see cryptos as a risk to the stability of the global financial system. However, Libra, the coin Facebook proposed, was a so-called stablecoin...
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