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Doing maths on BCH and my maths has BCH at...

Been doing some maths on BCH ATH. I find that it’s highest ratio to BTC was 26%. Looking at where we are now with the price of BTC, BCH is worth £10,762.77 pounds in dollars it is 13k plus or $13,776.00 This is with the current price of BTC. Now if BTC goes to $100k we are looking at £18,720.00 pounds BCH or in dollars $26k dollars. The market cap for a $26k dollar BCH would be just under $500 billion dollar for BCH to hit... This is really can happen some people say that the crypto market cap for this bull run could reach anywhere from 5 trillion to 7 trillion dollar market cap. Damn I should of put this on read... Hopes and dreams:)
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