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BCH · 17w Launches Dedicated Exchange for SLP Tokens and BCH Launches Dedicated Exchange for SLP Tokens and BCH

The team behind the former cryptocurrency exchange Voltaire recently announced the launch of a new trading platform specifically designed for Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. Three weeks ago the new exchange called launched its trading engine and the first SLP token supported is the community-driven Spice token.

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Meet A Crypto Exchange Dedicated to SLP Tokens

The Simple Ledger Protocol phenomena has captured the BCH community by storm and since the project launched, thousands of SLP tokens have been created on top of the BCH chain. Three weeks ago the founders of the now defunct digital currency exchange Voltaire announced the launch of, a platform designed to facilitate SLP token trading against BCH. The first token to launch on the Cryptophyl exchange is the SLP token Spice, a community-driven coin that’s used to show appreciation. When the trading engine started, there were 30 million Spice traded during the first week and the Spice token saw a seven-fold increase in market capitalization. Cryptophyl was a project that took months to build and develop, the creators told earlier this week. Cryptophyl’s mission is to partner and grow with the very best SLP token projects with special attention toward the European market.

The London-based Cryptophyl aims to bolster SLP token price discovery through “due diligence and subsequent listing of quality tokens that demonstrate real-world utility.” The team noted that the Spice appreciation token has been a popular and fast-growing SLP token. On August 6, the trading platform airdropped 5 million Spice to all of Cryptophyl’s registered users. Cryptophyl founder Semyon Germanovich said during the la...

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