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Crpyto for newbies resources?

Am I alone in thinking this... For me Crypto is a complex subject and most discussions groups and websites on the topic are quite advanced, technical, and use a lot of insider jargon which I personally struggled to follow when I was first discovering crypto (even sometimes now). But I have a lot of friends ask me for advice on crypto as beginners and other than giving them some basic advice personally I don't know of a good beginner friendly resource to point them to. Here's what I'd love to find... A website with some good beginner friendly tutorials and content they can learn from without any nonsense, shilling, fake news, or jargon filled posts that will go over their heards. Reddit groups and other communities are great HOWEVER they usually have too much going on and are overwhelming for newcomers I think (and in some parts of the internet they are just full of shills, trolling and misinformation). So, I'd love to be able to just say to friends, go "HERE" to learn the basics and be done with it but I've struggled to find many / any over the years that do a really good job of explaining things for beginners. So are there any good resources (blogs, websites, social channels, YT, podcasts etc) that you think are perfect for beginners? Thanks
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