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Coinbase clears up misconceptions about ASICs, ASIC-resistance and how Proof of work works in new blogpost

**Edit this post and my other cross-posts here are being heavily downvote brigaded by the very aggressive and forceful monero community. In the last couple days alone I have lost more than 100 comment karma, from over 1100 to 948, to these aggressive individuals seeking to manipulate the narrative, and 'lean on me' to stop posting information they don't like. This thread itself had roughly 8-10 upvotes. Now 3-5.** **Further proof that I'm being vote brigaded is that I have nearly 3 times the donuts in Ethtrader than I have comment and post karma, COMBINED! This is despite the fact that I rarely post there. Which shows that most people appreciate my posts, but the monero community wants to hide that and control the narrative!** **If you look at my comment karma by sub breakdown, [visible in this comment here](, you can clearly see that if you sum up my comment karma, I should have around ~2200. In r/dashpay alone I have 1300 comment karma. Yet if you hover over my username, I only have 906. This is due to vote brigading and is damning proof of it.** **They refuse to allow discussions to take place naturally because their coin is not very good. Its very slow, you can only spend your funds once every 20 minutes (!!!), and its privacy was severely broken in the past, [Monero Privacy Protections Aren't as Strong as They Seem | WIRED]( , and they are using intimidation and breaking the rules of reddit by massively downvoting my posts and comments to hide this information, like bullies and thugs would do.** **Guess what guys? I don't care! TAKE MY COMMENT KARMA DOWN TO 0!! THAT JUST PROVES THAT YOU'RE LOSERS WHO CAN'T ACCEPT THE TRUTH AND THEREFORE MUST RELY ON CENSORSHIP AND COERCION. I WILL NEVER STOP TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR COIN AND YOUR TOXIC COMMUNITY, SO DO YOUR WORST!**
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