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*Crossposted in r/BTC* Hello r/bitcoincash My Background I am somewhat new in my journey of education in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and always looking for new perspectives. My knowledge to this point is probably more advanced than other newcomers due to a course offered at my university that I competed entitled Business Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. I think it’s amazing my university offers this course and I supplemented my education there with online research which is an ongoing effort for myself. My Stance With the information that I have to this point, along with my beliefs I have formed with that information, I am very hopeful yet somewhat skeptical of the merit of all cryptocurrency’s long term, BTC not withstanding. While I understand the problems with BTC such as it’s slow transaction speed, small block sizes, high fees, and concerns of scalability, it’s staying power and recognition in the space, along with it’s far superior hash rate leads me to believe that it has tremendous potential as a store of value and exchange of value for very large transactions. I can envision the possibility that in 25 years, the average individual has a good amount of wealth stored on a BTC cold wallet, and for an exchange of value converts a few satoshi to coin ‘x’ for daily spending, weather that is a central bank stablecoin or another crypto I don’t know. I do believe, however in the tokenization of the economy and that BTC can be the gold standard in that world. Now, this sub being r/bitcoincash, i know many of you don’t agree with my viewpoint, and I would love to hear arguments for BCH that address the following concerns that I have about the blockchain. Most importantly, how can any of you be sure BCH is going to be the platform that achieves adoption. Let’s make an assumption that BCH has an amazing platform. Assume it is able to achieve through subsequent hard forks phenomenal security, minute transaction fees, lightning fast co...
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