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Chainlink to overcome BCH?

Just wondering is it possible for Chainlink to overcome BCH price during this year? I can see Chainlink fast and steadily gaining the value.
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BCH as my favorite crypto.

Greetings readers. I trust we are doing good. I heard somewhere that, Image source And I am glad to be surrounded by the world's best community the BCH community. Previously I was scrolling Tw...
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Why Bitcoin Cash?

I remember back a few years when I first read about Bitcoin on a post thinking this could really be very useful. Living outside first-world countries means that access to payment rails is...
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VotePeer — A call For Testers

Go read our latest article, VotePeer - A call For Testers 👀— Bitcoin Unlimited (@BitcoinUnlimit) March 2, 2021
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Affiliation of my dreams with bitcoincash

Every person is possessed with future dreams that may be accessible to him or seem to be difficult due to unavailability of the resources. Both these possibilities exist during his journey of converti...
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How a crypto novice defend BCH

A month ago, I was lazily browsing the only social media I am registered to when I stumbled upon  someone's  post about a paying website which automatically  triggered my interest.  I clicked on the.....