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Colour me unsurprised that quantum computing will not have as clear a path toward disrupting cryptocurrencies in the near future as has been widely assumed: "It's a long-range effect, and it's really damaging. It's destroying the quantum information stored in qubits."

Quantum computers could outperform classical computers at many tasks, but only if the errors that are an inevitable part of computational tasks are isolated rather than widespread events. Now, researc...
BCH -4.58% · · 8h

My Thoughts for BCH Price

Price has pulled back to a 61.8 retrace ratio and appears to respecting this zone of support. Price has recently broken out of a long down trend and created a higher high and pulled back to find suppo...
BCH -4.58% · · 11h

Store of value and digital currency.

The store of value narrative that Bitcoin Core supporters are using is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to fool new users into buying and holding Bitcoin BTC and also to provide a cover to justify....