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Can I still retrieve the BCH fork-coins with BCH from 2017 ?

I have had couple BCH on a Ledger nano S since 2017/2018 something, after the BTC/BCH-fork. BCH seems to have had several forks since then, and I wonder if someone could tell me the easiest way to get all these split coins ? The BCH has not been moved or used at all since it ended up on the Ledger (I think I used it to split it from the BTC back then). I have googled and found several "guides" but feel like there is some conflicting information, especially them being on the Ledger nano S seems to complicate things a bit (atleast in my head). So I'm hoping for some suggestions on what the easiest/best route would be to get this done, is it's even possible to do still ? Thanks in advance!
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