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Bitcoin Cash, the peer to peer electronic cash system, is under attack and we need your help.

TLDR: Bitcoin Cash, the peer to peer electronic cash system, shifts the dynamics of power from the elites back to the people. This is a threat to the survivability of the banks and regimes seeking to control the masses through the financial system. And there are many direct and indirect evidence (outlined below) of such bad actors trying to sabotage the peer to peer cash revolution through various means. We need your help to stand up against such saboteurs. Unity is our strength when we have to make a righteous stand against the toxic bullies and shifts the power from the elites back into the people hands. Just by speaking up and spreading awareness on this, and refusing to stay silent about it, you’re making a difference, and for that, I thank you.

This is going to be a very long post, please bear with me. And it’s a very long post precisely because the bad actors had tried so many different things to sabotage the peer to peer cash project throughout the years. The latest being Electron Cash wallet website being DDOS just 2 days ago. Source:

- Blockstream and Bitcoin Core people harassing and making death/rape threats to Bitcoin Cash supporters. One of them is Paul and his family. Source:

More threats and harassments. Source:

- For people who are new, please note that this is what Bitcoin Cash is up against. Someone has been constantly funding propaganda and sockpuppets and misinformation campaigns against Bitcoin Cash everyday for the whole of the last 4 years. Source:

- There is consistent trolls/harassments/smear campaigns against Bitcoin Cash the last 4 years. Who is funding all these propaganda ca...

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