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Bitcoin Cash split off from #Bitcoin in August 2017, and has gone on to become the most successful fork coin. Here's what distinguishes the two now:

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Bitcoin ABC's 8% Play for Bitcoin Cash

August 6, 2020 By  C. Edward Kelso Dominant implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin ABC, announced it will incorporate Jonathan Toomim's fix for a change to the long-believed problematic...
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Bitcoin Cash: The Conflict Within

EDIT: Since writing the article the ABC node has announced they will ditch Grasberg to implement the same DAA as BCHN and the other node software, however they will also implement the IFP via soft-fo....
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BCHN FAQ on November 2020 Bitcoin Cash network upgrade

This is a FAQ specifically on BCHN's position regarding the November 2020 Bitcoin Cash network upgrade and related topics. It is a document that is expected to incur some revision as we learn about n....