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Bitcoin Cash-Powered Human Readable Account Names You Can Share in Conversation


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent and developer, Jonathan Silverblood announced a new identification system he developed that ties a custom human-readable alias to payment information. Silverblood has launched a beta version of the platform so visitors can test out the platform’s functionality and give the developer feedback. On the 10-year anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis block, all beta account names will be invalid when the system finalizes on January 3rd.

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Bitcoin Cash-Powered Human Readable Account Names You Can Share in Conversation

Bitcoin Cash proponents can experiment with a new BCH-powered alias-address system called recently reported on Silverblood’s BCH name system called Cash-ID, which allows for human-readable account names tied to the keys of a BCH address. The protocol is open source and uses an OP_Return transaction when the name is broadcast and confirmed on the BCH network. Silverblood’s Cash Accounts code and specifications can be found on Gitlab if a user wants to review how naming the process works.

“The Bitcoin address system based on hashing data creates complex and difficult to share identifiers,” explains Silverblood’s motivation behind creating Cash Accounts on Gitlab. “While these identifiers have proper checksums and misspellings are rare, they are still very cumbersome to transfer over the telephone, in a regular chat or similar — Many attempts have been made to obfuscate the addresses by transferring them as QR codes or NFC tags, but the need for a human-accessible format rem...

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