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Bitcoin Cash needs to launch a marketplace, ideally on-chain, with member-like reputation plus social networking in the same app space. Unbreakable trade, unbreakable networking. Two killer apps for the price of one.

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BCH -2.81% · · 10h

BCHN gets another 1000 BCH donation!

On January 22nd we received another anonymous contribution of 1000 BCH to our project wallet. Thank you for the generosity, and we will put it to good use improving BCH as always.— Bitcoin Cash Node (...
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Just created an art (word-made) of loving 💚 BitcoinCash!Hope you all will like this!Also,if you like, you can feel free to send me some 💚💚BCH💚💚!You are welcomed!:-)bitcoincash:qqt569pgxwj8rvzhj7t...
BCH -2.81% · · 13h

Adoption, Merchants and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) still have a long way to go, it's practically new in the market but with large potential upfront, it's the widely and most popular known of the Bitcoin (BTC) forks on the market...
BCH -2.81% · · 13h

A Simple Wish of a Grade 4 Student

Great day to all,its my 1st time here at and i just joined last January 23,2021,at 1st i was really looking for online which where i could earn because honestly we are living in a...
BCH -2.81% · · 23h

Bitcoin Cash Gives Humanity Hope

I believe that humans are more similar than different, no matter the color of your skin or where you are from. That brings me to the problem where the ongoing pandemic had caused me lots of anxiety, s...